Defense Litigation

Defending Public Bodies


The Law Office of Reginald W. Abrams, Sr., L.L.C. strives to provide affordable case management and potent litigation in local and state cases.We work with clients to ensure an advantageous result with quick and efficient litigation.Because avoiding litigation altogether is ideal, we work to inform clients on risk management issues, determining existing or potential areas of liability and creating strategies to minimize risk, all with the ultimate goal of benefiting the client.In the case of public bodies, we provide advice regarding public meetings, ethics requirements and other state regulations.No matter the case, we bring our skills and experience to defend you in the dispute.


Appellate Law

Continuing the Defense


In almost any case, there may be an appeal. At the Law Office of Reginald W. Abrams, Sr., L.L.C., our experience in appellate law and our ability to continue representation beyond the initial defense sets us apart from other firms. Our goal is to defend the matter in order to protect the best interest of our clients. We are able to work with a wide range of appeals cases, especially ones in our service areas, such as defense litigation, school law, insurance defense, and commercial litigation. Our firm is always committed to favorably resolving your dispute, even if it requires an appeal.


Insurance Defense

Ensuring You Proper Representation and Effective Results


When it comes to insurance defense cases, our law firm serves different insurance professionals, such as underwriters, insurers, claims experts and professionals, claims handling, coverage, policy language, risk management, and general business practices in insurance.  We also handle defense work for clients that runs the gamut from traditional car accidents to property lawsuits having to do with proper protection and coverage.


School Law

With Liberty and Justice For All


Reginald Abrams primarily practices in the area of school law where he serves as the General Counsel for the Caddo Parish School Board in Shreveport, Louisiana. As General Counsel, Abrams’ main responsibility is to ensure that the school system complies with federal educational standards and regulations, though he similarly attends to other matters, including: providing legal advice to the school system as a whole, attending school board meetings to review board policies, handling school equipment and transportation accidents as well as employee incidents and managing special education laws. Abrams also works with the school board and the parish’s schools on issues relating to student misconduct, appeals to the board, and employee reviews of misconduct. As General Counsel Reginald Abrams brings his many years of legal experience to help serve the Caddo Parish School Board in school law, fostering a better learning environment for the community.


Commercial Litigation

In Corporate Dispute Negotiation, Experience Matters


With a long track record in litigation, the Law Office of Reginald W. Abrams, Sr., L.L.C. brings a high standard to all forms of dispute resolution for our clients. The firm customizes strategies for each individual case and effectively executes them.  The firm also tailors objectives to each of our clients’ businesses and work together to provide defensible material and successful outcomes. We represent clients both small and large, individuals and corporations, from both sides of business conflicts. In commercial litigation, our firm focuses on the following areas, including, but not limited to: administrative law, business, trade, appellate litigation, and several others. When prosecuting or defending commercial disputes, we seek to resolve disputes through successful negotiation, oftentimes relying on arbitration and mediation to settle issues.

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